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Using e-mail marketing has a lot of avenues for you to be able to get traffic to your site or to promote a product that you may be selling. So get going today and use all the info in this book to ramp up your traffic!
Generally email marketing is more effective in many ways because of several underlying factors. These factors contribute to the positive attraction to use email marketing as a viable tool. This will show you how.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Adwords Intro
Chapter 2: Getting Around In AdWords
Chapter 3: Starting A New Campaign
Chapter 4: How To Set Up Your Campaigns
Chapter 5: Contents Ads Or Paid Ads Listing
Chapter 6: When To Show Your Ads And When Not To
Chapter 7: Gauging AdWords Competition
Chapter 8: Using Landing Pages
Chapter 9: Maximizing ROI
Chapter 10: Important Tips
Wrapping Up

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