Doppelganger: A Book Of Refuge

Kurt von Mannerheim had never wanted to become ruler of the Empire that became. He had enough of leadership during the bloodbath that was the Eastern Front in the Second World War. But the Gods of Refuge had prophesized such, and humans had come to the world in their numbers in fulfillment of that prophecy. And so he had become first King, and then Emperor, welding the disparate peoples together into one Empire. He had not wanted to take on the Nazi Empire of Tarakesh, the evil transplanted from his world by the follower of Hitler, Heinrich Stuppleheim. He had seen enough war, and wished to spare
his people the evils of even a winning campaign. And then his bride, the Empress Gwenara Elyssisu von Mannerheim, was kidnapped from his Capital like the merest commoner. Now Kurt must ride the trail of war again, if her wishes to save her from a fate worse than death. And her soul from a fate far worse than damnation.
Kurt must do this alone. But his Immortal friends, Ismael Levine and Paul Mason-Smythe are determined to stand with him, no matter the cost, no matter his wishes. The fate of the free peoples of the world is at stake. To lost will give Heinrich and the Death Gods he serves the advantage they seek. And that advantage will lead the world down a dark path from which there will be no recovery.

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